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The name AVARE is derived from an ancient Latin term meaning "extremely desirable". We also use it as an acronym ?
A Value Added Resource for Excellent Solutions.

The roots of Avare Solutions success were planted with the deregulation of the AT&T monopoly in 1984.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the deregulation of energy followed, creating a competitive marketplace that offers businesses an infinite number of options from which to choose their energy and telecommunications providers, plans, terms and technologies.

Paul McTiernan and his team of dedicated professionals have been involved with these evolving markets from the beginning and have years of experience providing small and large businesses with recommendations that produce profitable results.

Our mission is to serve our clients by understanding their unique needs, and designing and implementing the valuable solutions that save them the most amount of time and money.

Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation analysis and put our extensive resources to work benefiting your business!

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